Finally Time to Rise to the Top

Yesterday I secured my first internship at Proterra PR.  They originally were a small firm called Mason PR, but recently they merged with integrated marketing firm, Proterra Advertising, out of Dallas to create Proterra PR here in San Antonio.  They have clients such as Allstate, Eva’s Heros, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Chiquita, and the Dallas Stars.

I was a little nervous going in to the interview, but I remained calm and confident. I knew I had a great resume, some experience from PRSSA, and a great portfolio.  The woman who interviewed me was bubbly, fun and made me feel even more comfortable. Before I knew it she was asking for my help for the US Army All American Bowl over the holiday’s. Not wanting to assume anything, I asked after the interview wrapped up when she would have a decision. She replied,”Maren, don’t you think if I am asking for your help, you got the position?”  I laughed and told her I didn’t want to assume anything so I had to ask. She assured me that I had the position and told me she would be in touch very soon.


I was ecstatic. Three years ago I never would have imagined I would have come so far.   After all the trials and tribulations I have been through, I am about to graduate in May, my PRSSA Chapter is doing better than ever, all of my hard work is paying off, and I got the perfect internship.  I am very blessed for all of the opportunities I have been given this last year. 

Going forward I am going to be as successful as I possibly can be during this internship.  I am going to open my mind to learn new things, gain valuable experience and shine like sun.  My journey of becoming a PR superstar is definitely underway. Are you on your road to where you want to be?