Feeling the PRessure to be a Jack of all Trades

As graduation quickly approaches I am starting to really feel the pressure.  The pressure to set myself apart from my peers. The pressure to acquire enough experience to land a job. Not my dream job, just a job. As many PR superstars know, it all boils down to involvement and tailoring your PR experiences to secure that you are the supersar that employer wants to hire.

During my years as President of PRSSA, I acquired experience in non-profit PR through campaigns implemented with local non-profits, and agency experience through our student run firm and my current internship.  I also developed a strategic way of thinking to reach students in member relations campaigns.

Ok, ok, enough about my accomplishments.  My point is that you need to become a “jack of all trades” so to speak to market yourself more effectively as an employee. Plus being a more well rounded individual overall.  As I woman and a PR student I know the necessity to be good at many things, sometimes simultaneously. 

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t find your niche and stick with it.  On the contrary. Developing skills in several different areas will allow you to find your place in the expanding PR universe. It will tell you what you like and don’t like, and reveal what areas you truly excel.  THEN you can go for your dream job.

Point: Become a jack of all trades, to become a master at some.